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“Knowing the complexity of vehicle programs, we are convinced that this openness and flexibility are key to bringing ADAS and AD to the market quickly.”

Erik Coelingh


Speed to market with robust solutions

Vehicle owners expect new and updated software features in their vehicles in a similar way as in their smart phone. You buy the hardware once but expect regular software updates that will further improve the user experience over time. This is a great business opportunity for the automotive industry, and we are prepared for it. The fundament of our way of working is built upon functional safety processes, agile principles, continuous integration and continuous deployment so that we can provide new releases as often as our customers demand.

Together with the software we develop vehicle and system requirements such that it can be executed safely, as certain functionality needs to be fail operational instead of just fail safe. In one of our modular platforms we are creating a design with redundant braking and steering controls such that we can guarantee that a self-driving vehicle can always perform a minimum risk maneuver.



Flexibility to choose

We are building a modular ADAS and AD systems that can be scaled from vehicles that need cost-efficient NCAP solution, to vehicles that need the latest and greatest autonomous driving features. One of our strengths is the capability to deliver a complete software stack that encompasses algorithms for computer vision, sensor fusion, decision making and vehicle control, but also applications that run in the cloud. The combination of scalability and completeness allows for fast application cross vehicle variants and vehicle lines, as reuse of software modules minimizes verification and validation efforts.

We develop our software on a specific sensor and computational architecture, as we need to build test vehicles that drive in the real world. But, we are willing and capable to adapt our software stack to sensor, computation hardware from any supplier. Knowing the complexity of vehicle programs, we are convinced that this openness and flexibility are key to bringing ADAS and AD to the market quickly.



Committed to continuously push the AD boundaries

We are entering the era of self-driving vehicles pushing the state-of-the-art lidar technologies, computer vision systems, deep learning techniques etc. The vehicles of the future will generate large amounts of data that in combination with powerful chipsets and cloud computing allows us to build innovative features with robust performance. This includes features in the cloud that use probe-sourced data for building real-time maps that can be used for e.g. vehicle localization. But also, advanced deep learning algorithms for 360-degree computer vision that enables situation awareness in all directions. We are at the forefront of technology so that we can provide world-leading ADAD and AD software features.

Our vision

“Together we elevate people’s lives by creating inspiring technology for safe and intelligent mobility”

Dennis Nobelius

Our mission

Our mission is to deliver the world-leading software stack for advanced driver assistance system and automated driving, and to build the real-life safety benchmark to which other products will be compared.

We are an independent and trustworthy company where integrity and customer satisfaction is key. We differentiate ourselves by our sensor-to-vehicle knowledge manifested in innovative, robust and flexible solutions.

We create new business models with a strong focus on continuous integration, continuous deployment and high usage of real-time customer data as feedback into our development and decision making.

We are a truly agile software company, organized in high-performing, purpose-driven teams.
We are product focused and demonstrate actual results at every iteriation.

We build a modern decentralized organization that attracts and retains passionate people with the right skillset and mindset.

Together we shape Zenuity!



Erik Coelingh

New technology

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