Introducing Zenuity

A new ADAS and AD software company

Foreword by Zenuity CEO Dennis Nobelius

Our starting point builds on robust automotive solutions

Our company originates from the safety leaders of the automotive industry. We are young as a company but our starting point builds on robust industrial automotive solutions. We have a unique skillset from Tier 1 and OEM domain knowledge. All the way from sensors to vehicle control. We have joined forces to create an independent company offering our passion, technology, and solutions.

Autonomous Driving will be a truly transformative technology re-shaping the industry and society forever. We are a stable partner with the power to shape the industry and with the ability to quickly turn our competence and insights into solutions. For you to choose and leverage.

Shaping Zenuity

Benefits of autonomous driving

A disruptive industry in the making

A safer journey

Humans are great in so many ways, but still, almost all traffic accidents are caused by human error. Simple mistakes like a momentary lack of attention can lead to a catastrophe in just a few seconds. Advanced Driver Support Systems (ADAS) help drivers to avoid accidents and it already saves lots of damage, injuries and fatalities today. However, the potential is much larger and as the technology evolves it brings us closer and closer to an accident-free traffic system.

Always find a parking place

An automated vehicle can drop you off at your destination, and then continue on its own to an area which is more suitable for machines. It can be automatically charged, or even go for a wash if you allow it. Just call for it with your smartphone when you want it back. It will tell you how long notice it needs. And you can watch its progress on the smartphone screen.

Get your time back

Do you like driving a car? Many people do. Would you like the car to drive itself? It will soon be an option. You can safely do something else than focus on the driving. It is a greater freedom. You can drive when you want to. But you do not always have to. The gained time can be used to make safe phone calls, video conferences, email, or enjoy a movie for recreation. It is just like in an airplane but with plenty more room and comfort. And you can turn the volume as loud as you want it…

Be a good traffic participant

Self-driving machines will be programmed to follow the rules, and relentlessly do so. They will not hesitate or make unplanned lane changes, or run a red light by mistake. They will not tailgate the car ahead and will neither leave an unnecessarily long gap. They will not take unreasonable risks. And they will move in a controlled way, focusing on comfort and efficiency, avoiding creating instabilities in traffic flow. The road will become a nicer place, and much more efficient.

Car sharing

Self-driving cars that can re-position themselves automatically will take car sharing to a new level. The next trip can start at a different location than the former ended. This will enable users to travel in a true A to B fashion; no need to adapt to special car sharing locations anymore. Cars can also reposition themselves to places where a greater need is expected to occur, i.e. at the sports stadium at the end of a popular game. And they can go charging and washing automatically when needed.

Public transportation

A fleet of electrified robo-taxis can be made a perfect complement to subways and commuter trains. Two- or four-seat units can connect at train stations or airports and make the beginning/end of the trip in a flexible and environmentally friendly way. It will be functionally similar to a taxi fleet, but better: lower cost due to automation, more widely used due to lower cost, safer and better traffic flow due to automation, and using quiet electrified vehicles optimized for local transport.

Trucks and shipping

Commercial transport automation has great potential. It enables lower cost and better flexibility; an automated vehicle is not limited by having to rest after a certain number of hours; no lunch or dinner needed. Transportation can be scheduled to run at off-peak-times, for instance during night time. It can also be run slightly slower in order to save energy. Its persistence when not needing to take breaks can more than make up for lost time.


Automated transport vehicles can be used for logistic purposes in many ways. The basic technology pieces being sensing, localizing, sensor fusion, control and decision making, vehicle dynamics, and actuation. The basic abilities are route planning, path and speed selection, precautionary safety, collision avoidance, and functional safety. These elements can be applied to many ground-vehicle use cases because the problems are similar regardless if the field of operation is indoors/outdoors, low/high speed, transporting people or goods. The reason to automate is lower cost and better quality.