• People at heart

    Together we shape the future

 “I want to feel empowered and get the opportunity to work with things I am passionate about, developing myself while making the world a bit better”

People at heart

The success of our company depends on how each individual contributes with their competence to take us into the future. We are a modern tech company with People at Heart.

We put the teams in centre and focus on the teams. Power of the people lies in empowered and purpose driven teams, who work in an agile and flexible way to drive innovation and change.

We are on this journey together and the agile way of working is reflected throughout the entire organisation; it’s part of our culture and how we work together.

Our culture

Our culture is what brings us together, and what inspires others to join us. From the way we share ideas around a whiteboard to our personal creative differences.

It makes a difference because we believe in what we do and are passionate about it. It also represents a personal bet with ourselves to always strive for something better, and to be curious about alternatives.  That is why our work at Zenuity matters and that’s how we make a difference.

It’s not only about what we do, but also how we do it.

Our values

Our values are the foundation of our company culture and give guidance in our daily work. With the values as basis to navigate from, every individual gives freedom to act independently. Our values represent the mindset and approach we all have when working together.

Our Leadership

Leadership at Zenuity is all about enabling teams to become high performing and ensure we achieve our business goals. To do this our leaders Start with Why, Lead the Leapfrog and Grow trust among us all.

We define the landscape of autonomous driving and therefore constantly pursue new ways, faster and more innovative, of doing things, as well as leaving enough space for our teams to experiment. Making people believe that we can deliver on our promises is as vital as learning from the process of failure as well as success.

Our leadership competencies are for all; as we are leading innovation in an ever-changing environment, all of us need to be leaders at what we do.


Maria Lindqvist


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