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Breaking new ground with world-class driver-assistance and autonomous-driving technologies require cooperation in multi-disciplinary teams in which engineering, maths and coding are closely intertwined. Below an overview of the typical competence areas for which we are hiring.


One area within perception is sensor fusion, i.e. fusing data from various sensors such as cameras, radars and lidars to create an understanding of vehicle’s local environment. This includes object detection, object tracking, free-space detection as well as localization and mapping. Typical competences needed are signal processing, probability theory and optimization, preferably in combination with good coding skills.


In this competence area algorithms for decision making, path planning and vehicle control are designed. Typical applications are to decide whether a vehicle has to automatically brake or steer in order to avoid an impeding collision. Another example is the enhancement of adaptive cruise features that e.g. slow down a vehicle in curves, for speed limit signs or for traffic lights. The typical competences needed are control engineering, mechatronics and vehicle dynamics control, in combination with good coding skills. Additionally, the teams are responsible for the functional safety concepts, hazard analysis etc. required by ISO26262. The teams often spend significant time in vehicles adjusting and tuning algorithm, so a good understanding of vehicle usage is important.

Cloud & Maps

In this team we work with streaming data analytics for connected vehicle applications and crowd-sourced maps. Part of our software is deployed in the cloud and a fleet of vehicles will stream sensor and vehicle data to these applications. Data can also be obtained from other clouds from e.g. weather and traffic services. Based on this data we build new customer features and even real-time maps. Here we are looking for people with a signals processing, big data or mathematical statistics background, preferably in combination with good coding skills.

System & Architecture

This team designs the functional and software architecture for the system as a whole, as well as its deployment on vehicle electrical architectures that describe a set of control units, chipsets and communication protocols. Experience of automotive electrical architectures (and AUTOSAR) is preferred, as typical automotive performance and robustness requirements need to be fulfilled. Some of the work may include pioneering new embedded implementations on our prototypes. It also includes the design of technical safety concepts that fulfil the ISO26262 safety goals. We are looking for engineers that have a computer science or electrical engineering background.

Analysis & Verification

This is a large competence area responsible for verification methods and tools. A significant portion of the testing is done in vehicles on the public road or on test tracks, but the majority of the testing will be done virtually in simulation environments on computer clusters. The basis for this is our data factory in which we store many petabytes of log data. Being efficient requires continuously enhancing tools for e.g. vehicle data collection, re-simulation of logged data, visualization of data, and test automation. The educational background of the engineers in this team varies widely, but key competences are mechatronics, signal processing and computer engineering.


This area includes algorithm and SW design for computer vision for e.g. object detection, lane tracking, free space detection etc. New development will focus on 360 degree vision using multiple cameras and the use of deep learning for computer vision. Specific tasks are algorithm design, data collection, data annotation, simulation, modifying algorithms for forward-looking vision to surround vision cameras, porting SW to GPU’s etc. Here we especially need people with a solid computer vision background and/or deep learning competence. GPU programming also is important.


Our base functions, Process, People, IT and Finance are proud to support the development and innovation in Zenuity. As a natural part of our company, our base functions curiously challenge conventional methods and processes to seek continuous improvement.

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