Make it real

Introducing our product strategy

Erik Coelingh, New Technology

It is obvious that we are rapidly moving into a future where intelligent vehicles assist you in avoiding collisions or to let you drive completely autonomously. This is an exciting development that will benefit society and individual drivers. But we also realize that it is a huge challenge for the automotive industry. New technology and software features have to be brought to market at a high pace while ensuring robustness and safety at all times.

At Zenuity we will make this real. We understand the difference between just demonstrating a self-driving vehicle with a test driver behind the steering wheel and selling a self-driving vehicle to customers who expect this vehicle to always work in daily life. Although we are a new company, our engineers have extensive experience in developing state-of-the-art technology for real-life safety. Their software is running in millions of vehicles and saving lives every single day.

We are now building modular platforms for complete ADAS and AD systems which can be scaled to vehicles that need to fulfil the latest NCAP requirement at low cost or towards vehicles that need the latest and greatest autonomous driving features. One of our strengths is the capability to deliver a complete software stack that encompasses algorithms for computer vision, sensor fusion, decision making and vehicle control, but also applications that run in the cloud. The combination of scalability and completeness allows for fast application cross vehicle variants and vehicle lines, as reuse of software modules minimizes verification and validation efforts.

When we develop our software we want to be hardware agnostic. Of course we need to select specific sensor and computation hardware for our test vehicles in order to verify and experience our technology hands-on. But we are willing and capable to adapt our software stack to sensor, computation hardware from any supplier. Knowing the complexity of vehicle programs, we are convinced that this openness and flexibility are key to bringing ADAS and AD to the market quickly.

“Knowing the complexity of vehicle programs, we are convinced that this openness and flexibility are key to bringing ADAS and AD to the market quickly.”

Soon we will see self-driving vehicles on the road that allow the driver to do something else behind the steering wheel. This will have a major impact on the design of a vehicle platform as certain functionality suddenly needs to be fail operational instead of just fail safe. In one of our modular platforms we are creating such a design that includes redundant braking and steering. Simultaneously, the amounts of data that have to be processed in the vehicle are larger than ever. Our team has a wide knowledge of both traditional formal methods as well as deep learning techniques for large data amounts. Combining these allow us to achieve high performance while fulfilling demanding functional safety requirements.

We want to be a dedicated long-term partner to vehicle manufacturers. We are committed to shape the future of driving, not just by talking or building demo cars. We want to make it real.