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    Together we shape the future

 “I want to feel empowered and get the opportunity to work with things I am passionate about, developing myself while making the world a bit better”

We are a purpose driven and self-steering organisation built on cross-functional teams. Power of the people lies in the high performing teams. This is a modern way of working, flexible and transparent, which increase involvement and gives faster and better decisions. Zenuity is a company built on competence, our way of working also increases the efficiency, and to be successful, we are utilizing the skills and develop mutual responsibility.

Our culture

At Zenuity, we focus on the teams and have a team-focused organization culture, based on our values: I trust, I engage, I dare, I am curious, I share.
Our leadership competencies are rooted in these values and describe what leadership at Zenuity means.

Our culture is what brings us together, and what inspires others to join us. From the way we share ideas around a whiteboard to our personal creative differences.

Our work in Zenuity matters because we believe in it and are passionate about it. But it also represents a personal bet with ourselves and each other to attempt to outdo ourselves at every turn. This to always strive for something better, to always achieve that higher, brighter goal. That is why our work at Zenuity matters and that’s how we make a difference.

It’s not only about what we do, but also how we do it.

Our Leadership

Leadership at Zenuity is all about enabling teams to become high performing and ensure we achieve our business goals. Our leadership competencies are built to support this function.

Leaders at Zenuity are expected to Start with Why, Lead the Leapfrog and Grow trust among us all.

Communicating and motivating the teams towards the goals of the company, as well as enabling the teams to make their own independent decisions is key at what we do and need at Zenuity.

We define the landscape of autonomous driving and therefore constantly pursue new ways, faster and more innovative, of doing things, as well as leaving enough space for our teams to experiment. Making people believe that we can deliver on our promises is as vital as learning from the process of failure.

Commitment to our vision, demonstrating trust in our future, products and people, transparency in the delivery o these commitments is paramount to success.
Approaching individual differences inclusively and prioritizing personal interaction contributes to our culture.

Leadership competencies are for all.
As we are leading innovation in an ever-changing environment, all of us need to be leaders at what we do.


Maria Lindqvist


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