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At the Zenuity product team, we believe in a better experience every day. We lead the global movement of crafting tomorrow’s mobility with the software platform of choice. We only work on products that are truly significant.  

We foster speed and spearhead innovation through cross-functional teams with end-to-end responsibility and maximum freedom. We believe in continuous improvements in an ever-changing environment.  

We deliver the world-leading software stack for advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving. We build the real-life safety benchmark, to which other products are compared.  

We are a truly agile software company, organized in high-performing, purpose-driven teams. We are product-focused and demonstrate actual results at every iteration. 

We are a modern, decentralized organization that attracts and retains passionate people with the right skillset and mindset. 

Connected Road view 

Connects humans, vehicles and infrastructure. 

– The team creates safe and intelligent mobility by utilizing the crowd of vehicles, V2X communication and external data sources” 

Continuous integration and data factory 

Our vision: “To continuously create a better development environment” by providing CI/CD capability, the ability to continually evaluate and test functionality, and the ability to collect, process, verify and reuse collected data. 

Cruising and Highway AD 

 “Elevate commuting people’s lives by creating safe and intelligent mobility and providing world-leading, relaxing commuting experience” 

Collision avoidance 

Save lives by helping the driver avoid collisions.
Delivers pioneering fusion and collision avoidance features which are:

Scalable – Supporting single to multi sensor systems.
Effective – Prevents real life accidents.
Intelligent – Understands and predicts the surrounding environment and the drivers intention.

Urban HAD and Auto Valet Parking 

“Our vision is Elevating people’s lives by creating safe, accessible and intelligent mobility in the modern urban/suburban environment”  

The team provides smart features which make life easier by removing stress and giving back time. 


Enable a safe, flexible and modular product offer and create the foundation between product areas and product generations. 

New technology 

Uses disrupting technologies for a safe and intelligent mobility. Acquires the best and latest knowledge from academy and industry globally and make it part of our products. 

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